Haven is a non-profit organization right here in our community helping the lives of single, homeless mothers.


Belive it or not, single moms and women are the fastest growing group of people that are homeless in the U.S.  This does not necessarily mean they are living on the streets like we associate with the term "homeless", but they are most likely "couch hopping" and don't know where they will sleep from night to night.


Unfortunately for these single women and mothers, the Indiana minimum wage will only cover approximately 50% needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent in Indiana.  If she is lucky enough to find a one-bedroom apartment, it would consume her entire paycheck and there are no funds left for childcare, medical care, transportation, food... the list goes on and on.



These heartbreaking statistics are the reasons why Carol Naragon started Haven.  Haven's goal is to provide a way for these women to meet the needs of their families.  For the past four years our number one goal has been to raise funds to build or buy a home where these women can live as we assist them with a specific two year program that equips them to be back out on their own.  2013 was so full of unexpected blessings and we can not feel more fortunate to announce some extremely exciting news!  Greenwood Weslyan Church has graciously partnered with our organization by donating their unsued parsonage home that sits on the church's property as temporary housing for Haven's women!  Haven's team came together to renovate and transform the inside of this emply house into a beautiful and functional three-suite home. 


God blessed us tremendously and we are so grateful for all of the people who came together to donate their time, money and resources to make this house a home.   Currently, we are housing two families!  Through Haven, these women are getting a second chance to get back on their feet.

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