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Who We Are

Haven Sanctuary for Women (Haven) is a non-profit organization based in Greenwood, Indiana, working to improve the lives of single and homeless mothers since 2009.

Heartbreaking statistics serve as the driving force behind the goal of Haven to provide a way for women to meet the needs of their families. 


  • Statistically, single moms and women are the fastest growing population of homeless in the U.S.  The term ‘homelessness’ is not limited to those living on the streets.  In some cases ‘homelessness’ is ‘couch hopping’.  Many do not know where they will sleep from night to night.


  • The Indiana Minimum Wage will only cover approximately 50% of the cost of a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent in Indiana. Even if fortunate enough to locate a one-bedroom apartment, expenses associated with an apartment would consume most if not all of a paycheck.  This leaves no resources for food, medical care, transportation, childcare, etc.


Haven Sanctuary for Women

... is a resource center to support women in need such as securing child care, appliance repair or replacement, obtaining groceries or food pantry locations, acquiring school supplies, and beyond. 


... is a transitional housing facility, where women with or without children can live for up to two years for nominal rent.

... enables single women to manifest a healthy relationship with Christ and their community while utilizing their individual and collective gifts to benefit others.

... fosters the confidence and knowledge necessary for women to support themselves and their households. 


... allows women to take advantage of resources such as counseling, financial training, life coaching, mentoring and more.

... is a bridge for women in crisis to hope, support, and resources needed to reclaim their lives and renew their future.

Our Team


Carol Naragon

Executive Director


Joni Emmert



Alicia Cummings



Cindy Beltz

Board Member


Linda Sargent

Board Member


Diane Wessling

Board Member

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